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Tags being searched: !*newsies- hell yeah im doing a fuckin musical try and stop me, ( tales from the borderlands- fiona here looking for rhys, (newsies), *dragon age inquisition- lavellan looking for sera!, *m!kanaya looking for m!vriska, *male kanaya looking for a male vriska for some smut!, dragon age, dragon age: inquisition, fe:a - female morgan looking for sisters or mothers (whoever) for whatever!, female tmnt oc looking for raphael shipping rp (2007 or 2014 'verse with future smut?), fluffy rhyiona stuff because i'm needy, how to get away with murder, htgawm, hunger games, if youre the kanae from yesterday comebaaaaaaack, im tsukiyama, looking for a kanae, love live umi looking for a kotori or honoka, mockingjay part 1, mockingjay part 2, newsies, newsies the musical, oc roleplay, peetaxkatniss. galexkatniss, rhyiona, sans the skeleton, sera romance, sora from kingdom hearts looking for kairi (nsfw on the table 18+only please), tftbl fiona looking for a rhys ( i am open to other characters of course! rhys is my preferred choice), tftbl rhyiona time ( +18 only please - you never know what's gonna happen. ), tsukikana, undertale, undertale - i'm frisk!, vore- undertale possibly?, ~bb come back. u can blame it all. on. meeeeee, ~i wouldn't say no to trying out other characters or doing a genderbent au either winks, ~johnny cade looking for literally any character yes hi, ~outsiders rp, ~two-bit and dally are heart eyes but anyone is wonderful!
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    League Of NSFW

    Welcome to the new Tavern. The old chat "Lounge of Legends" No longer seems to have attention, due to a little permasilence problem. Oh well, here's a new place for LoL characters who want to get a drink, chill, and/or get laid. Rules! 1. No kink shaming, sexuality shaming, or shaming in general. 2. Doubles are allowed but must have some kind of difference (Skin, Gender, notable differencing.) 3. No force shipping, the other person must consent to and shipping you want so please ask kindly before doing anything of the sort. 4. This one's more of a demi-rule, but try limiting some of the ooc. However sometimes this isn't as easy for some people so please remind them if they forget politely. [url=] Cellar [/url] , [url=] Bathrooms [/url] , [url=] OOC [/url]

    Users: 20

    Mutant Misfits

    Welcome to Misfits Academy- a home for those who have been deemed 'unacceptable' by societal standards! [br] [br] THIS IS A SCHOOL FOR THOSE WITH EITHER POWERS OR MUTATIONS [br] [br] Feel free to enjoy your stay at the boarding school. Change into your own character, pick a mutation/power, and contact a mod in the OOC chat to be unsilenced. And as always, follow the rules![br] [br] [url=]Rules and Background of this World[/url] [br] [url=]Campus Map[/url] [br] [url=]Character Spreadsheet [/url] [br] [url=]OOC Chat [/url][br] [url=]NSFW Chat[/url] [br] [url=]Overflow Chat[/url][br] [url=]NEW: Dorm Rooms!![/url][br] [br] NOTICE: ALL RPERS, PLEASE PUT YOUR MUN NAME IN THE SECTION PROVIDED ON ALL YOUR MUSES ON THE NEW CHARACTER SPREADSHEET. ALL CHARACTERS WITHOUT A MUN BEHIND THEM WILL BE DELETED FROM THE SPREADSHEET IN A WEEK. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

    Users: 16

    A Lullaby for the Gods

    [color=#0b96f3]Welcome to the vast continent of Farkin, a land of magic and adventure![/color][br][color=#ffffff].[/color][br] [color=#6dce5d] The vast continent is primarily watched over by the 16 gods of the land, each keeping a close eye upon a certain area of the world. Over the past few decades, 6 superpowers have risen and seized control over the land. While this in turn angered some of the patron gods, others gave their blessings, wishing upon peace and unity over the newly born kingdoms. Although, recently, a great evil has begun to rise, planning to overthrow the gods themselves. It is up to you and a ragtag group of adventures and sorcerers from all across the kingdoms to embark on a great journey, and take down a god. Welcome, to a Lullaby for the Gods.[/color][br][color=#ffffff].[/color][br] [color=#CD5B45]This is a fantasy OC chat! Feel free to be any fitting class, like a mage, warrior, or an archer![/color][br][color=#ffffff].[/color][br][u]HELPFUL LINKS[/u][br][url=]OOC[/url][br][url=]NSFW[/url][br][url=]The Kingdoms[/url][br][url=]The Gods[/url][br][url=]Character Sheet[/url][br][url=]Current Quest[/url]

    Users: 14


    [color=RED]This chat is a RWBYverse chat set in canon timeline. Canons and OCs welcome. Pretty self explanatory.[/color] [color=BLUE]Utilize the Help Desk. Consult it before asking questions.[/color] [br]|| Before joining this chat, PLEASE READ THE RULES at [br]|| Need help? [br]|| NSFW: [br]|| OOC: [br]|| Emerald Forest: [br] [color=RED]Starting Oct 24th, this chat is participating in the Vytal Festival.

    Users: 12

    Fandoms The Musical

    This is Fandoms the Musical, a multifandom chat where you can be whoever you want! ...Like, seriously. You can play as pretty much [i]anyone.[/i][br] The rules are fairly simple: don't be rude, be mindful of triggers, and don't godmod.[br] Different AUs can be set if things get too boring -- that is to say, we change it whenever we feel like it. Currently, the AU is: [br][color=red]Free for all.[/color] Do w/e lmao.[br] [url=]this chat's general opinion of OOC rooms[/url] (basically don't try to hassle us into getting one)

    Users: 8


    The setting is a dream bubble containing a modified version of the [url=]Strider apartment[/url], with smuppets and katanas galore. The rest of Houston, Texas is also accessible, populated with thousands of NPC's. Considering this is dreamspace, if you're here you're either dead, dreaming, or somehow alive through weird plot bullshit.[br]-----[br][url=]OOC[/url][br]-----[br][url=]Guestroom[/url][br]-----[br][url=]Upstairs Bedroom[/url][br]-----[br][url=]Closet[/url][br]-----[br][url=]Bathroom[/url][br]-----[br][url=]Kitchen[/url][br]-----[br][url=][u][i]DA RULES[/i][/u] (READ TO BE UNSILENCED)[/url][br]-----[br][url=]Backup[/url][br]-----[br][u][i][url=]SPECIAL EVENT CHAT[/url][/i][/u]

    Users: 7

    I Have Sinned

    [i]Welcome to a world where The Seven Deadly Sins and Seven Virtues decided it's time for have some... [br]Kinda... [br]Descendants! [br]Over 14 Kids have been chosen since they where born to be the new reincarnation of the Sins and Virtues![/i] [br]Rules: [br]1) Don't be an asshole. Respect others roleplayers. [br][color=#ff0000]2) [u]No godmodding.[/u][/color] [br]4) Please enable ''Hide system notifications'' [br]5) Have fun! [br]6) You can be either a Human, Demon, Supernatural Being, or one of the Sins/Virtues. [br]The main Mod is Percy. [br][url=][u]Reserve Sheet[/u][/url] [br][url=][u]NSFW[/u][/url] [br][url=][u]OOC[/u][/url]

    Users: 7

    Mansion ofMasters

    Welcome to the biggest Mansion for Masters and their Maids. As such, Masters are invited to come, visit and stay, but can also send their maid as en emissary or to work as a payment for their stay. Therefore, Maids will obey the Masters, and will be punished for disobeying or doing a bad job in their work. However, they will also be rewarded for doing well, either in work or taking care of the Masters. Please ask before doing something considered Not Safe For Work, and go to the [url=]Masters' Secret Rooms[/url]. Be sure to play nice and abide by the rules, listen to the mods, and have fun! If you need help when creating your characters: [url=]check here[/url]

    Users: 6


    > Shit let's party.[br]> [url=/chat/ShitPissaOOC]OOC Chat[/url][br]> [url=]Reserve List[/url][br]> Setting: Fazbear's Fright: Horror Attraction [[url=]x[/url] FNaF 1 location [url=]x[/url]][br]> [url=]Please read.[/url] Summary: Multifandom, ask about doubles, no god modding, be nice OOC, OCs are fine but please have a reference at the ready, please use brackets when talking OOC, don't kill anyone without the mun's permission. If for whatever reason you end up wanting to go yiff some dicks, please take it to another chatroom. Family fun and safety is our top priority.[br]> Wednesday: "Crossover Day" [optional][br]> Saturday: [color=#d1b217]"Golden Freddy Day"[/color] -- Animatronics becomes hostile[br]> [url=]Sunday[/url]: "Swap Day" -- Animatronics are humans and vice versa [optional]

    Users: 5


    Welcome to FurrySmut! [br] [color=#ff0000]This is a chat for anthro furry OCs or faceclaims.[/color] [br] Main setting: Hotel de Faux, with areas in the surrounding town, too; [url=][color=#ff0000]More info here.[/color][/url] Rules are found [url=][color=#ff0000]Here[/color][/url] [br] Each character can get their own suite when they first join. [br] [url=][color=#ff0000]Extreme[/color][/url] [br] [url=][color=#ff0000]OOC[/color][/url] [br] Tasha says: Direct any questions to anyone here and enjoy your stay!

    Users: 4


    [color=#990000]The year is 1865. London is home to two major werewolf packs, each pining for their own territory. However, the biggest threat to wolves isn't each other. It's the allaince of hunters descending on the city with the intent to drive them out. Are you a wolf, a hunter, or a civilian caught in the crosshairs?[br][url=] OOC [/url] [url=]Lore[/url] [url=]Roster[/url]

    Users: 4

    Digimon Hunters

    Welcome to the one and only Digimon OC chat, home of a bunch of nerds who like monster collection anime. Join the RP and get ready for a wild ride travelling through th digital world with your digimon partners. [br][url=]Lore and Rules[/url] | [url=]Character Sheet [/url]

    Users: 4

    Pokejinka Paradise

    This is a Semi-Para chat [br] So since there's not any /visible/ pokemon gijinka chats and since everyone keeps making those kinds of chats, why not have another to pile on the chats [url=]Nsfw room[/url]

    Users: 4

    M-City HERO Retreat

    Welcome to the official Heroes Association 'Relax and Revitalize' Zone, funded by Chinner himself. There are zones like this in each city, but this one happens to be stationed in M-City. It is here that Heroes, both registered and not, may rest and eat for a lofty price of - free. Normal citizens can enter as well, but they will need to pay a minimal fee for a room. [url=]The building itself is both expansive and durable[/url], [url=]both inside and outside[/url]. There is plenty of food and sources of entertainment, so enjoy yourself! But mysterious beings could always arrive, so don't let relaxation betray your reflexes.[br][url=]OOC[/url][br][url=]NSFW[/url][br][url=]Reserves[/url][br]Also yes this is an OnePunch-Man chat, but OCs are welcome.

    Users: 3


    If you had the chance to rule the world at the cost of the happiness of others, would you take it? [br] [br] [url=]RULES & LORE[/url] [br] [br] [url=]ROSTER[/url] [br] [br] [url=]OOC[/url] [br] [br] [url=]NSFW[/url]

    Users: 3

    Draw a Circle

    As you can probably guess, this is a Hetalia chat! OCs are fine too, though favorably nation OCs. You [i]could[/i] play other characters that have appeared in Hetalia like Shinatty-chan or the guy with the banana maybe, but generally you may want to ask about it first. At the moment we have no OOC room, but we might if it's deemed necessary. Please note that the reserve list is for regulars and mods but doubles are allowed so long as there's some sort of variation or AU applied (such as 2p, wingtalia, demon, etc.) Aside from that, be good and we won't have to actually add a proper rule list or put you in the time out corner.[br][url=]NSFW/Smut room[/url][br][url=]Reserves[/url]

    Users: 3


    Gross, Gross! Kimoi, Kimoi! A chat just for people who have slightly different tastes in intimacy and the like. All fetishes and kinks are welcome here! Content warnings can be applied if someone wants them. Please listen to the other Roleplayers, and if they ask for something to be tagged or moved, be polite and do so. Communication is key. General roleplay rules apply, don't be rude if someone is uncomfortable, yadda yadda. SETTING: A kink-club. Welcoming to all types, with rooms in the back and upstairs for privacy. There will be shows and workers, occassionally. The club itself is pretty large. Setting is open to outside and the [url=KimoiCafe]restaurant / cafe next door.[/url][url=]Enjoy the background music.[/url][url=KimOOC]OOC Chat.[/url]

    Users: 3


    [url=]Info here[/url]

    Users: 3


    [color=#2e4172][i]Maybe you did not ask for [color=#AA3939]the power[/color] you have, but do not fear greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.[/i][/color][br][color=#AA3939]This city was never built on greatness, but you can make it better... Or worse. Don the mask, play your cards, and dish out justice or chaos as you please. Remember, not everyone was born to be great; some choose to be bad. [br][url=]Usual roleplay rules apply, here's a list[/url]. [br][url=]OOC[/url] [url=]NSFW[/url] [url=]Sign-Up[/url] [url=]LORE[/url] [url=]Sheet[/url]

    Users: 3


    I took the original idea from a chat called Caged.[br] Welcome to a new race of humanity, in the making! Please refer to the starters guide before joining us in the roleplay! It is very important to read it all the way through, to get a good understanding of the chat.[br] [url=] Quick Starters Guide[/url] [br] [url=]OOC Room[/url] [br] [url=]NSFW room[/url] [br] [url=]Sheet to submit characters[/url] [br] [url=]Character Information Sheet[/url] [br] [url=]MAP OF ANTHROSHIRE[/url] [br] [url=]Shipping Wall [/url] [br] [url=] People gone too long [/url] [br]This chat is a SEMI-PARA rp chat.[br]Name Guidelines: [br]Animal name [Gender/Age] [Alias is character's first name]

    Users: 2

    The Glade Hotel

    [i]Welcome, one and all, To The Glade![/i] [br]Its a Hotel, but not just any Hotel! Its a Hotel for Monsters, Mythological Creatures, and the Occasional Human who has found themselves in this World. Now, this Hotel is a Host to a great deal of Creatures. There are areas with large pads outside for those to stretch their wings, the underground rooms of the Hotel are flooded for those who need water, and the space is very open for our Larger Guests. Ground Floors and Penthouses are reserved for Permanent Residents. The rules are simple. OC's Only, \ Dont be Rude OOC, Mind the Mods, and dont cause too much trouble as we are a respected establishment, and Paragraph Style please![br] Please format your character as [Species] Name, thank you! [br][url=]CHARACTERS[/url] [br] [url=]OOC[/url] [br] [url=]NSFW[/url]

    Users: 2

    Pokejinka Dungeon

    This is a Semi-Para Chat. [br]This chat is a spinoff of the chat [url=]Pokejinka Paradise[/url], but rather oriented on a small town, called "Raintower", which actually has rescue teams on it! [br]Have as much fun as you want.

    Users: 2


    Welcome to The Mansion. Dare you step inside?[br][url=][color=red]RULES[/color][/url][br][url=][color=red]RESERVES[/color][/url][br][url=][color=red]NSFW[/color][/url]

    Users: 2

    Space Bar

    Welcome to the Vestian Orbit Bar & Lounge! Here you can buy drinks and socialize all you want! This is a panfandom RP! All characters and OCs from anywhere are accepted! [br] [br] [url=[url=]OOC[/url] [br] [url=]NSFW[/url] [br] [url=]RULES/SETTING[/url] [br] [url=]APPLY FOR BARTENDER[/url] [br] [url=]BOOK A PERFORMANCE[/url]

    Users: 2

    Band Of Bands

    [color=#201b5c]Good day, students! The Band Academy of Harmonics has been quiet lately... so we're back, and here to stay. New bands are being accepted and the campus is being updated. Older bands are teaching, others are rebelling - not gonna name names, of course. (Cough. Green Day, Muse, please stop trying to build a barricade of chairs in the hallway.) [br]This is a semi-para to paragraph style chat featuring personified bands! No, bands aren't human. Also, please respect other people's musical tastes and generally don't be a dick in here, roleplaying is meant for fun![/color][br] [url=][color=#447691][u]{OOC Chat}[/u][/color][/url][br] [url=][color=#447691][u]{Info Document}[/u][/color][/url][br] [url=][color=#447691][u]{Reserve Sheet}[/u][/color][/url]

    Users: 1


    [url=] Backstory and other info here. [/url] Public Announcement: Retonworks third annual Banquet. Formal attire is REQUIRED. [url=] Crew Roster [/url] [url=] OOC [/url]

    Users: 1

    Devouring Euphoria

    In the last five years, a new drug has been showing up that has some odd effects. The user is thrown into an uncontrollable rage, followed by a slow transformation into a strange and abstract art looking monster of random odds and ends. As the transformation progresses, the head will eventually detach from the body and float above the neck as it progresses. The drug can be administered in two ways, either through injection or by being bitten by someone who has taken a full dosage. Once the drug is taken, there is no going back, you will stay in your monstrous form, having completely lost your humanity, until the day you die. There are some hunters and drug dealers who take the half dose of the drug and only experience a few of the side effects in order to become stronger. Mutating themselves, causing various powers and disability in the process. Civilians do not know of the horrors plaguing them until it's too late. [br][url=]Rules/Plot/Prompt[/url][br][url=]Characters[/url]

    Users: 1

    Eldritch Life

    Welcome to the future, glad you could all be here to witness the end of the world, sort of. To be more precise, for some reason, one day, the world was flooded with darkness and all the humans on earth were transformed into grotesque monsters, some resembling beings from folklore and mythology, others being amalgamations of various items and animals and the like, and some just being eldritch abominations. At first, it was all chaos, but now that everything's calmed down, things have gotten back to normal, relatively speaking. Now it's up to you to just live your life with your new body, and maybe help with discovering exactly what caused the events of a year and a half ago. [br][url=]Lovecraft Country [/url]| [url=] Arkham[/url][br][url=]Character Sheet[/url]

    Users: 1

    Zombies Of Oz

    Welcome to Australia! One small problem, though...zombies...Yes! They now roam the streets of Brisbane Queensland and the surrounding area. [br] [u][i]THIS IS A WYRMWOOD: ROAD OF THE DEAD CHAT!! ABIDE BY ITS LOGIC.[/i][/u][br]<<RULES: 1~No smut. This is NSFW for reasons of gore, not sexual intercourse. Take that elsewhere. 2~Uncomfortable with anything? Take it up with the mods. If it is the behaviour of another rper, take it up with them. 3~This is a legitimate survival in the zombie apocalypse. 4~Weaponry is allowed, but we (the mods) must say it is acceptable. [br] You do not have to be from Australia, if you want to be you may be a visitor from another country. [br]If you don't know about Wyrmwood, here is a couple tips: [br]-during the night, zombies have a more enhanced speed. [br]-fuel, methane and other flammable gases are no longer flammable. [br]-zombie blood and breath is now flammable[br]The mods (mun name{character name}) are: Rhiddork{Rhiddihan De Alejandro}, and Liam{Opal Restlie}

    Users: 1


    [color=green] Once upon a time, a man named Batter came to the ZONES, to purify them of monsters.. And, in another time, perhaps, someone's delved into subjects too complex for them to survive the research upon. The temporal lines and universal spaces shift and fuse, leaving us with only our regrets, and a new "HOME". Will your journey be to purify with FIGHT or to cleanse with MERCY?[/color] [br]This chat's for crossovers. Undertale and RPGmaker games, mostly. Ask about others. OCs allowed. Be nice.

    Users: 1

    We R A Pirate

    Yohoho and a bucket of Scurvy! Wait. No thats naassty. [br] Welcome to We R A Pirate, where as you may have guessed, you are a pirate. ok so the run down you dont have to be a pirate if you dont want to you can be a guard, peacekeeper, pirate or crew member. You start in the tavern so no awkward starts.[br] [url=][u][i]RULES[/i][/u][/url][br]thanks and have a good one you barnicles![br] [color=#FF0000]Announcement: we are sorry for any advertising happening within group chats, weve been informed and are showing our apologies before hand.[/color]

    Users: 1


    [font=arial black][i]TO START OFF, THIS IS A PAN-FANDOM CHAT SET IN A KINGDOM-LIKE SETTING.[/i][/font][br]Welcome, one and all, to my kingdom brimming with hope! I, Queen Penny Whi'ker, will be here to help anyone that needs it. Of course, I won't be around all the time, so hopefully my lovely assistants will. But for now, [url=]here. This introduction scroll will help you get started on your journey.[/url][br] Dont' worry, there's a map included. But I hope you'll have a fun time here in my kingdom. If I'm around, I'm sure I'll be able to help anyone that needs it.[br] -Penny Whi'ker[br] Also, for more lengthy topics and or asking a mod how to join in. Please go to the [url=]OOC room[/url]. If you need to do some pretty NSFW stuff, refer to the [url=]NSFW room[/url].

    Users: 1


    Pandora, a lawless wasteland filled with guns and debauchery, where danger is present at every corner... [br]This is a Borderlands chat set in multiple locations that change weekly. The time setting is a Frozen In Time type of setting, so that any character from the Borderlands franchise may be used without causing confusion. The current Setting is the grassy cliffs and mountains of The Highlands, in the town of Overlook. [br][url=]THE RULES[/url] [br][url=]NSFW ROOM[/url] [br][url=]OOC ROOM[/url]

    Users: 1


    Users: 1


    [color=#E00707]look yo rules: [br][color=#E00707][br] 1 this is a strider house so if youre not a strider or a mod dont get fussy and start telling people what to do[br] 2 no fucking fighting in my house be nice to each other you shit birds or i will kick the fuck out of you [br] 3 only homestuck canon kids, no one older than dancestors [br] 4 no whining[br] 5 if theres a game its always strip rules[br] 6 please just know how to play your characters or we will talk to you about it[br] 7 no one can tell you who to ship with but you also this shit is not safe for work and you might walk in on someone maybe[br] 8 serket rules, strider drools[br] 9 if you go into a seperate room, actually use the room chat linked[br] 10 if you ARE going to bone try and take it down the hall theres [url=/chat/striderbedroom]MY ROOM[/url]/ [url=/chat/striderbathroom]THE BATHROOM[/url]/ [url=/chat/striderroof]THE ROOF[/url] [br][color=#E00707][br] seriously use the fucking [url=/chat/striderooc]OOC room[/url]

    Users: 1


    Welcome Fellow fan I made this chat so we can rp this pretty old but classic show since the new season is coming I decided let's start this up right So heres the basic run down on the Chatroom

    Users: 1


    [b]Disclaimer: Not actually hell.[/b] [br]Partially based off of the Dream Bubbles from Homestuck, this is a house in the void, the place between dimensions. One can only come here by falling asleep or dreaming, but you can meet pretty much anyone here. [br]Panfandom chat. You can be pretty much anyone you want. General rule: Don't be an asshole OOC. [br] [url=]RULES[/url] | [url=]RESERVATIONS[/url] | [url=]TRIGGERS[/url] | [url=]NSFW[/url]

    Users: 1

    Charat Alpha 3.0

    As of December 8, 2013


    -The top bar has been added.

    -The top bar contains OOC toggler, Settings and User List buttons and the amount of messages you have missed when you are scrolled up. You can click the #! to go back down to the bottom of the messages.

    -Desktop Notifications.

    -Important Notifications such as the tags you have in common with another user cannot be hidden.

    -Character Importing: You can go into Saved Characters on the front page and grab the Character Code, then enter it into the front page to import that saved character.

    -Character Database: The character database for characters has grown. It includes most Homestuck characters.

    -Exclude Tags: You can put a "-" in front of a tag to exclude that tag from your search. You will not be connected to anyone with that tag.

    -Tag List: Tags that are being searched are shown on the front page under Users Online.

    -After Disconnecting with a random chat, you can click Chat With a New Person to chat with a new random person.

    -Public and Private Chats: You can now set a Group to Private or Public. Setting your group to public will include it on the Group Chats Public Groups list.

    -Admin Passwords: When creating a group, you set an Admin Password, which you use to regain Proffessional Wet Blanket status in Settings on your chat.

    Charat Alpha 2.0

    As of October 4, 2013


    -The most notable feature that has been implemented for Charat 2.0 is CHARACTER SAVING. Currently, the editing of characters can only be done on the Front Page. Here is how to manage your characters:

    1. On the Front Page chat settings, you input the character you'd like to save into the character details as if you were going to go into a random chat.

    2. Once you are done, you click Save Character and the page will reload.

    3. The Saved Characters drop-down list on the Front Page and the Settings in chat will have a list of all of the characters you have saved. If you select one, it will dump their character details into your character details. Note that the settings will only save if you select Save.

    4. If you go to the Saved Characters tab on the Front Page, it'll show a list of all of the characters you saved. You can select [be] to dump their settings into your character details. Don't forget to save.

    5. You can also delete characters in the Saved Characters tab only. Select [delete] to delete the character and the page will reload.

    -Previews have been reimplemented. They show up automatically if you have Typing Patterns and will hide themselves if you do not. You can toggle the preview in the settings.

    -A Continue Chatting button has been implemented. It will show after clicking the disconnect button on When clicked, it will restart your search for a new person to chat with.

    -Out of Character and In-Character commands and settings have been restructured. Simply typing "/ooc" or "/ic" will change the chat settings to Out of Character or In-Character, respectively. Typing in either command with extra text afterwards will result in the message being parsed in the way that it is intended, parentheses for /ooc and no parentheses for /ic, but will not change the settings of the chat.

    -Persistant variables: More objects are stored in localStorage. Such as OOC options and Topic hiding. The most significant change is that all of the variables are now chat independent, meaning that when you change the variable on one chat, another chat you have already visited (after this update) will not change that the settings for that chat ie: System Notifications, Disconnect Warning.

    -The quotes on the front page are now random.

    -Chats Window Titles will now show the Chat Group Name.

    -Bugfix: Disconnecting with the Disconnect button now brings you all the way to the bottom of the page.

    -Bugfix: Disconnect Warnings now display the correct check box setting.

    -Bugfix: Currently, with the crashing of chats, I have reduced the amount of messages that each chat will show.

    Charat Alpha 1.2

    As of September 27, 2013


    -Acronyms are now shown on the User List.

    -The Front Page has been updated to look nicer and provide more functions.

    -Typing Patterns have been reimplemented for those that need them.-The command /me puts dashes around your text to signify character actions.

    -There is now Out Of Character settings. If you have it checked, your text will be surrounded by parentheses to signify Out Of Character chat. You can turn it on and off with /ooc and /ic commands.

    -You can now use /me commands to signify character actions. This will work in conjunction with /ooc and /ic if you do this: /ooc/me or /ic/me.-You can now save Group Chat logs manually.

    -New Message notifications are now tuned so that it will display in numbers instead of saying "New Message." It will instead say: "# New Messages - Charat (Alpha)."

    -Bugfix: Long chat messages no longer stop your browser from scrolling down.

    -Bugfix: System Notification Hiding work how they are supposed to. If you don't have cookies or if your cookies have been eaten for Charat, System Notifications will no longer be automatically turned off.

    -Bugfix: If you have Hide System Notifications turned on, you will not receive a New Message notification.

    Charat Alpha 1.1

    As of September 14, 2013


    -NSFW and SFW options are now reimplemented. Use them wisely.

    -Text input is now the color of your character.

    -You can now hide the topic.

    -Checkbox options for Confirm Window Close and Hide System Notifications. Note that this hides Disconnect notices, Timeout notices, Join notices, Topic change notices and Admin Promotion notices.

    -You can now Block another user the same way you can highlight them. Click the character you would like to block, and select block. This is not an admin feature and will only hide the user for you until you unblock them or refresh.

    New Upcoming Features:

    -BBCode style implementation of styling your chat. (planned)

    -Character Saving/Character History. (planned)

    -Tag Set Saving/Tag Set history. (planned)

    -Updated front page. (planned)

    -Facebook and Twitter sharing options. (planned)

    -Log saver/editor. (being discussed)

    Charat Alpha 1.1

    As of September 7, 2013


    -Tagging is implemented.

    -Homestuck specific features have been stripped.

    Planned Features

    -Updated front page. (implemented)

    -Tagging to search for people that have similar interests to you. (implemented)

    -BBCode style implementation of styling your chat. (planned)

    -Character Saving/Character History. (planned)

    -Tag Set Saving/Tag Set history. (planned)

    -Facebook and Twitter sharing options. (planned)

    -Log saver/editor. (planned)

    -Auto-linking, clickable links in-chat (planned)

    -Desktop notifications (planned)

    -Group Chat API, the ability to create a group chat that you can connect to using AJAX as well as iframes and CSS editing. (planned)

    -Chara, the help fairy (planned)

    -Character Attributes, asynchronous tagging that allows people to search things about your character, but you don't search for. (planned)

    -A method to report users that abuse the chat client or other users. (planned)

    -An iOS and Android app. (planned)

    -A desktop program. (planned)

    -Strict and Loose tagging, tagging things that you absolutely need to connect with someone along with regular tags that the other person only needs one of, or just your strict tag. (being discussed)

    -Blacklisting tags, if someone has a tag that you have blacklisted, you won't connect to them. (being discussed)

    -Fandom tags. (being discussed)

    -A distinct site for NSFW content and SFW content. (being discussed)

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