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    [url=] RULES [/url] [br] [url=]OOC[/url] [br] [url=] Form to be filled out [/url] [br] [url=] TAKEN LIST [/url] [br] [url=] MAIN CHAT [/url]

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    DRAMAtical Murder chat only. Canon characters ONLY. No doubles allowed. No genderbents. All ships welcome. Please just be respectful ooc and considerate of others. If you do not adhere to these rules you will be kicked. If someone hasnt come back in 5-7 days without warning we will release their character from the taken list. Of course, be respectful or else you will be kicked immediately. Human Allmates are allowed.Taken Characters: Aoba, Beni, Clear, Koujaku, Mink, Mizuki, Noiz, Shiroba, Sei, Sly, Tae, Tori

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    This is a chat inspired by Rooster Teeth's web-series 'RWBY.' Now there's not really a plot so you're free to RP as either canon RWBY characters or hey, if you have an OC for the series, bring them in to if you desire! The setting will be Beacon Academy and you are allowed to be a student, a teacher or hell, even a janitor if you wish to. You can also be someone from Signal or from Sanctum. If you're going to be an OC we ask of you to give a description (or provide an image) of them. Now, on to the rules! READ THESE RULES: Available Characters: Ren, Cardin, Sky, Russel, Dove, Coco, Fox, Yatsuhashi, Sage, Scarlet, Ozpin, Glynda, Ironwood, Bartholomew, Port, Penny, Junior*, Emerald. Note: If you miss for 3-4 Days or more without a proper excuse or do not use/RP a Canon character often, they WILL be taken from you. *Ask a mod about the characters with asterisks. Chats: Smut chat: OOC:

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    Welcome to Hell

    Rules: No spamming, being a douche to people, tell people who you are or else you'll be kicked, you have to have a character, don't do anything inappropriate unless the other RPers are ok with it, no Gmodding, and have fun. If you don't follow the rules, Freddy Fazbear will stuff an exoskeleton up your ass Setting- Hell (duh) in a apartment. Bring all them beautiful demon/angel/human OCs. NSFW Room- ______ OOC chat-

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    misery loves company

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    Gasp, more multifandom chatrooms? Yes, this IS multifandom. There's a cap on doubles, though. One double for each character. The location is Jabberwock Island, from SDR2. Dead students are allowed, because cloning is a thing. the OOC room is Also, Ethan is kawaii as fuck.

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    Welcome to the remodled Stark Tower, now the Avengers HQ. All Marvel people are welcome, No Ocs, No Killing without Permission, And if you wanna do the Dirty go to one of these rooms :

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    Truth Or Dare Pool Party

    It's a multifandom pool party at a mansion, basically. With a constant game of truth or dare going on.[br] If you don't want to participare in the truth or dare, you can play other party games or just wander around.[br] [color=red]Rules[/color][br] 1. Don't be too much of a pain OOC. IC is fine, since some characters are like that.[br] 2. Don't godmod or kill others without asking. Seriously maiming is generally okay though.[br] 3. Make sure to use spoiler tags if you feel like anything is iffy, trigger wise. Go with your gut, generally. Also, use spoilers for NSFW if you don't bring it to another room.[br] 4. Breaking rules or otherwise causing trouble gets you a warning. If you ignore the warning, you'll face punishment by severity.[br] [color=#04c210]Truth or Dare rules[/color][br] 1. Normal rules apply. Duh.[br] 2. If you don't want to accept a truth/dare, then you can ask for the opposite of what you chose. If you still don't want the given dare/truth, you must either remove an article of clothing or put money in the pot.[br] 3. The pot is solely a measure of how many non-clothing bailouts have been done. As far as clothing bailouts, it should be moved to bailing out by putting money in the pot once undergarments are reached.[br] Script or Para is fine, up to you. [color=blue]Pot total: 0.[/color]

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    Welcome to a place where dreams and nightmares meet! Within the rooms and halls of a top secret military base lies a select few teenagers that are anything but common, even to those with powers. This is the home of Experiment-R, a program that studies and maintains these teenagers, who's powers are that of other superhumans but on the nightmarish side of the spectrum. Within this facility they carry on with life, living as if they were normal teenagers. They are kept in a dormatory style enviroment and are only taken out of it to have their abilities evaluated. This is their story. RULES: NO GODMODDING, NO BULLYING OOC, THE GUARDS ARE CONTROLED BY THE MOD UNLESS WE ARE HAVING AN EVALUATION. NO SMUT. NO KILLING OTHER CHARACTERS WITHOUT PERMISSION. NO MYTHICAL/MYSTICAL CREATURES. SCIENCE MUST BE INVOLVED WITH THE OC'S POWERS. MOD SETS EVALUATIONS AND TIME. NO SUICIDE.

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    Highschool For Dumb Gay Dweeblords

    Bunny (Noiz) is the head admin. Highschool AU for DMMd. Choose a rank of sorts, like jock, nerd, band geek, cheerleader, etc etc etc and have fun! No rude behavior or spamming of any sort will be tolerated. DMMd characters only, OC's are not preferred but allowed if made well. NSFW is allowed, but please make sure that it isn't making another rper uncomfortable. To be unsilenced, take a DMMD character that is not already taken. Bad Ends like BE Koujaku or BE Clear can be taken as seperate characters if Normal Koujaku or Normal Clear is taken. Taken Characters: Aoba, Berta, Clara, Clear, Hersha, Koujaku, Mink, Mizuki, Noiz, Ren, Ryuuhou, Sei, Shiroba, Sly Blue, Tori, Trip, Usagi, Virus

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    Smash Mansion 2k14

    Welcome to the chat, blah blah blah. The setting is a typical mansion, huge garden in the back, both indoor and outdoor pool. Everyone has their own rooms, unless you want to share, then you can collaborate with the others and ask. [br] Rules: [br]1. No Fighting. Yes I know it's SSB, but still, no fighting. [br] 2. Don't bash ships or headcanons. The mods WILL kick and/or ban you. [br] 3. Don't trigger anyone. If you have even the slightest doubt about it, put it in spoilers.[br] 4. Please. Just. Be nice.[br] 5. SERIOUS ROLEPLAYERS ONLY PLEASE UNLESS THE MAIN MOD SAYS YOU CAN MAKE IT CRACKY [br] 6. [color=red]ONLY PLAYABLE CHARACTERS ALLOWED.[/color] Only Mii allowed is Reggie. Mii body is ready. [br] 7. If you rp someone who is known to be disgusting, please tone it down. [br] 8. THE MOD ROLEPLAYS SHEIK (from The Legend of Zelda series) AS A MALE. DON'T ASK QUESTIONS. [br] 9. Don't get pissy if someone corrects you. They are trying to help you and your roleplaying experiences. [br] 10. Be considerate when choosing a color, people have eye sensitivities you know. :) [br] [url=]List Of Reserves[/url] [br] Ask mod Mushy to reserve your character. If you aren't active for more than 3 days, then he will remove you from the list. If you get back on and give a valid reason for not being active, he will consider adding you back.

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    Welcome, welcome! This is a land, warped by time and space and a few other things probably. The worlds of Disney and Dreamworks have united, and their inhabitants now intermingle. This is a canon only chat, but, you can be a canon character from any Disney/Dreamworks animated movie, no matter how obscure. Rules: Please, try to be polite to each other! Don't openly disrespect other people OoC. If a heated debate arises, feel free to argue your point, but mods have the discretion to kick whom they find offensive. The OoC Room is [url=]here[/url], and the reserved list is [url=]here[/url]. As for actual physical setting, until I can get some sort of picture of it, imagine it as a sort of, massive continent; everyone lives on it, and the closer to the time period your story is to another, the closer they physically are.

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    [color=#61994b] Welcome to Monarchy. Here, we are set from 1500's-1700's in our big world. All countries are the same, but it's up to you on how history is made. Take over empires, becoming a pirate, get wealthy, do anything you desire. This most definitely [i]does not[/i] correspond with actual timelines in the real world, so your course of action could create [i]anything.[/i] Especially with some supernatural thrown in. [url=] Here, have a map reference for the time period. [/url] We also have an [url=] OOC Room [/url], and an [url=] NSFW Room [/url] for your trouble. [/color] We have few rules here, so it shouldn't be hard to listen. [color=#305422] [i] 1)OC's only. 2)Keep the OOC in the OOC Room. 3)No auto-kills/controls. 4)No advertising. 5)NSFW goes in the NSFW. 6)Please make your font readable. 7)Respect your RP partners. [/i] [/color]

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    Charat Alpha 3.0

    As of December 8, 2013


    -The top bar has been added.

    -The top bar contains OOC toggler, Settings and User List buttons and the amount of messages you have missed when you are scrolled up. You can click the #! to go back down to the bottom of the messages.

    -Desktop Notifications.

    -Important Notifications such as the tags you have in common with another user cannot be hidden.

    -Character Importing: You can go into Saved Characters on the front page and grab the Character Code, then enter it into the front page to import that saved character.

    -Character Database: The character database for characters has grown. It includes most Homestuck characters.

    -Exclude Tags: You can put a "-" in front of a tag to exclude that tag from your search. You will not be connected to anyone with that tag.

    -Tag List: Tags that are being searched are shown on the front page under Users Online.

    -After Disconnecting with a random chat, you can click Chat With a New Person to chat with a new random person.

    -Public and Private Chats: You can now set a Group to Private or Public. Setting your group to public will include it on the Group Chats Public Groups list.

    -Admin Passwords: When creating a group, you set an Admin Password, which you use to regain Proffessional Wet Blanket status in Settings on your chat.

    Charat Alpha 2.0

    As of October 4, 2013


    -The most notable feature that has been implemented for Charat 2.0 is CHARACTER SAVING. Currently, the editing of characters can only be done on the Front Page. Here is how to manage your characters:

    1. On the Front Page chat settings, you input the character you'd like to save into the character details as if you were going to go into a random chat.

    2. Once you are done, you click Save Character and the page will reload.

    3. The Saved Characters drop-down list on the Front Page and the Settings in chat will have a list of all of the characters you have saved. If you select one, it will dump their character details into your character details. Note that the settings will only save if you select Save.

    4. If you go to the Saved Characters tab on the Front Page, it'll show a list of all of the characters you saved. You can select [be] to dump their settings into your character details. Don't forget to save.

    5. You can also delete characters in the Saved Characters tab only. Select [delete] to delete the character and the page will reload.

    -Previews have been reimplemented. They show up automatically if you have Typing Patterns and will hide themselves if you do not. You can toggle the preview in the settings.

    -A Continue Chatting button has been implemented. It will show after clicking the disconnect button on When clicked, it will restart your search for a new person to chat with.

    -Out of Character and In-Character commands and settings have been restructured. Simply typing "/ooc" or "/ic" will change the chat settings to Out of Character or In-Character, respectively. Typing in either command with extra text afterwards will result in the message being parsed in the way that it is intended, parentheses for /ooc and no parentheses for /ic, but will not change the settings of the chat.

    -Persistant variables: More objects are stored in localStorage. Such as OOC options and Topic hiding. The most significant change is that all of the variables are now chat independent, meaning that when you change the variable on one chat, another chat you have already visited (after this update) will not change that the settings for that chat ie: System Notifications, Disconnect Warning.

    -The quotes on the front page are now random.

    -Chats Window Titles will now show the Chat Group Name.

    -Bugfix: Disconnecting with the Disconnect button now brings you all the way to the bottom of the page.

    -Bugfix: Disconnect Warnings now display the correct check box setting.

    -Bugfix: Currently, with the crashing of chats, I have reduced the amount of messages that each chat will show.

    Charat Alpha 1.2

    As of September 27, 2013


    -Acronyms are now shown on the User List.

    -The Front Page has been updated to look nicer and provide more functions.

    -Typing Patterns have been reimplemented for those that need them.-The command /me puts dashes around your text to signify character actions.

    -There is now Out Of Character settings. If you have it checked, your text will be surrounded by parentheses to signify Out Of Character chat. You can turn it on and off with /ooc and /ic commands.

    -You can now use /me commands to signify character actions. This will work in conjunction with /ooc and /ic if you do this: /ooc/me or /ic/me.-You can now save Group Chat logs manually.

    -New Message notifications are now tuned so that it will display in numbers instead of saying "New Message." It will instead say: "# New Messages - Charat (Alpha)."

    -Bugfix: Long chat messages no longer stop your browser from scrolling down.

    -Bugfix: System Notification Hiding work how they are supposed to. If you don't have cookies or if your cookies have been eaten for Charat, System Notifications will no longer be automatically turned off.

    -Bugfix: If you have Hide System Notifications turned on, you will not receive a New Message notification.

    Charat Alpha 1.1

    As of September 14, 2013


    -NSFW and SFW options are now reimplemented. Use them wisely.

    -Text input is now the color of your character.

    -You can now hide the topic.

    -Checkbox options for Confirm Window Close and Hide System Notifications. Note that this hides Disconnect notices, Timeout notices, Join notices, Topic change notices and Admin Promotion notices.

    -You can now Block another user the same way you can highlight them. Click the character you would like to block, and select block. This is not an admin feature and will only hide the user for you until you unblock them or refresh.

    New Upcoming Features:

    -BBCode style implementation of styling your chat. (planned)

    -Character Saving/Character History. (planned)

    -Tag Set Saving/Tag Set history. (planned)

    -Updated front page. (planned)

    -Facebook and Twitter sharing options. (planned)

    -Log saver/editor. (being discussed)

    Charat Alpha 1.1

    As of September 7, 2013


    -Tagging is implemented.

    -Homestuck specific features have been stripped.

    Planned Features

    -Updated front page. (implemented)

    -Tagging to search for people that have similar interests to you. (implemented)

    -BBCode style implementation of styling your chat. (planned)

    -Character Saving/Character History. (planned)

    -Tag Set Saving/Tag Set history. (planned)

    -Facebook and Twitter sharing options. (planned)

    -Log saver/editor. (planned)

    -Auto-linking, clickable links in-chat (planned)

    -Desktop notifications (planned)

    -Group Chat API, the ability to create a group chat that you can connect to using AJAX as well as iframes and CSS editing. (planned)

    -Chara, the help fairy (planned)

    -Character Attributes, asynchronous tagging that allows people to search things about your character, but you don't search for. (planned)

    -A method to report users that abuse the chat client or other users. (planned)

    -An iOS and Android app. (planned)

    -A desktop program. (planned)

    -Strict and Loose tagging, tagging things that you absolutely need to connect with someone along with regular tags that the other person only needs one of, or just your strict tag. (being discussed)

    -Blacklisting tags, if someone has a tag that you have blacklisted, you won't connect to them. (being discussed)

    -Fandom tags. (being discussed)

    -A distinct site for NSFW content and SFW content. (being discussed)

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