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    MrDragon House

    Welcome to Mr.Dragon's house in his world! [br] If you got here, it means that you have somehow traveled to another world (Universe). The house is in the middle of a forest in Japan. Mr.Dragon have full control over the house. He can make the house to look like how ever he want it to look like. And make everything in it. So if you want a room that there's not there, just ask him about making one and it's there at the spot. If he decide to make it. [br]----[br] Rules: 1) Every character are okay here. Both canon and OCs.[br] 2) This is a NSFW chat because gore, killing and combat MAY happen. Smut must be taken [url=]HERE[/url]. [br] 3) Don't be a dick OOC. [br] 4) Don't spam the chat with OOC. For long OOC conversations, take it to the [url=]OOC room[/url]. [br] 5) No godmodding. [br] 6) Respect the mods. [br] 7) And have fun. [br]----[br] Main mod: Mr.Dragon

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    Fandombound SPNs-Bunker

    [color=#055e00] SPN: Hey you! Not them! You! Yeah, better be reading this upon entry! [br] [url=]Welcome to the Men of Letters Bunker[/url], [url=]the most powerful place on earth.[/url] [br]I'm allowing you all to live here, even the demonic motherfuckers, just like let me know if you need to get in and out because the [url=]devil trap[/url]s are sort of part of the ground. Good luck. [br][br] Anyway, normal chat rules apply: [br]- Don't be a douche ooc [br]- One fandom per person! (No 2+ reserves.) [br]- No doubles (one of you is enough.) [br]- Respect the mods (Me being one of them and Hetalia) [br]- No godmodding or killing other fandoms without the mun's consent. [br]- No forcing ships and if you need to get all freaky; "[url=]GET A ROOM[/url]" if that one's in use "[url=]GET A ROOM #2[/url]" [br][br] Auto-silence is on for reasons, so pick a fandom and a mod will unsilence you. (If you're having a hard time picking a fandom, [url=]CHECK THIS OUT[/url].) [br][br] -[url=]RESERVE LIST[/url]-

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    War, war never changes... The year is 2296, almost three centuries after the Great War and the nuclear missiles that ended said war. On that day, humankind was almost wiped out. All except for the folks who hid away in great underground bunkers, called Vaults. No one knows if other countries built them, but America certainly did. Our story begins in the area that used to be the Great Lakes, where small towns have sprung up over the hills and ruins of cities, where nature seems to have reclaimed what's left, and where wanderers, raiders, and ghouls scatter the landscape. For now, our tale is in a growing town by the name of Wellmount, known to be one of the few spots with fresh, uncontaminated water. Try not to cause trouble, and you will not get problems either. [br] This is a Fallout-themed chat, but pretty much pan-fandom. The only thing I have to say is that you'll have to try to make them fit in. For example, alternian trolls do not exist in the wasteland, so turn them into a human, or a ghoul.[br] Rules are the staple kind, no being a dick ooc, and junk like that. Enjoy your stay!

    Users: 4


    Welcome to one of the only places in the world that you will be safe in! This place is a great place to learn about your talents and skills, and given that you are here, you were either invited here, ior taken here forcefully by some men in suits. Although both are possible, nobody truly knows why they do this. In this highschool you have the ability to have many adventures unfold. Creatures good and evil, awaiting to learn and confront those of the other alignment. Although there are relationships of both in the campus. Anything is possible at this highschool. So here are a few rules: 1) The usuall no godmodding rule. Although there is a character called sarah in the campus that is supposed to be a Powerfull character, she is an exeption, but only slightly. 2) No smut. This IS an NFSW chat though, so fight all you like. Just dont try to kill people on the spot please? And take it to another chat for smut as well. 3)Both cannon characters and OCs are allowed, but no Doubles of OC charas. Genderbends are fine thou. And thats about it. Have fun. Mods are Lynn Alivion. Cabinboy1031, and Mr.Dragon. [url=]OOC[/url]

    Users: 3


    [color=#575757]Pokegijinka... is [i]back[/i], baby. The classic chat bringing all your favourite pokemon together is here in the Charat community once again - but remember, all of your pokemon are human![br]Please stick to the more humanoid gijinkas (wings, tails, or ears are acceptable). Your pokegijinkas are allowed to have powers pertaining to their type(s).[/color][br][color=#393b2d]Basic Charat rules apply. Please be nice to everyone OOC, don't be a dick, and don't make anyone uncomfortable. Godmodding is unacceptable. You will be warned if you break any of these rules, and if you repeatedly violate these guidelines, you'll be silenced, kicked, or banned.[/color][br][color=#7575ad]Semi-paragraph to paragraph style. Please use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation![/color][br][url=][color=#547a0d][u]{Character Sheet}[/u][/color][/url][br][url=][color=#cca300][u]{OOC Chat}[/u][/color][/url]

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    [color=#bd0404]Hello! Welcome to the Chat room that switches AU's every Saturday! [br]We have some basic rules here along with the help of [i]thy dorrito hair man[/i][/color][br]1.) Please have some common sense of what you're going to do in this chat.[br]2.) [u]NO SPAM[/u][br]3.) Please Listen to the Mods.[br] 4.)Oh Yeah sometimes this can be a big issue, No Godmodding.[br]5.) Paragraph or Script is [i]hella fine[/i].[br]Some people don't want OOC taking up the entire chat so please take it to the OOC room. Here is [br] [url=]NSFW /Boinking Room/ [/url][br][url=] OOC Room [/url][br]HAVE FUN [br]AU / Setting:[br][i]Welcome boys to the Wild West, in this folk town the sheriffs run it. Y'all Crimincals better stay out of it.[/i]

    Users: 2


    I took the original idea from a chat called Caged.[br] Welcome to a new race of humanity, in the making! Please refer to the starters guide before joining us in the roleplay! It is very important to read it all the way through, the get a good understanding of the chat.[br] [url=] Quick Starters Guide[/url] [br] [url=]OOC Room[/url] [br] [url=]NSFW room[/url] [br] [url=]Sheet to submit characters[/url] [br] [url=]Character Information Sheet[/url] [br] [url=]MAP OF ANTHROSHIRE[/url] [br] [url=]Shipping Wall [/url] [br] [url=] People gone too long [/url] [br]This chat is a SEMI-PARA rp chat.[br]Name Guidelines: [br]Animal name [gender/age] [acronym is character's first name]

    Users: 2


    Welcome to the World of Remnant- the world that is home to the four kingdoms, Vale, Mistral, Vacuo, and Atlas! As a world once shrouded in darkness, people were created from dust, a natural energy source on Remnant, and began to fight back against the darkness known as the Grimm. Even now, the battle against the Grimm is everlasting. Nowadays, brave men and women called hunters and huntresses have sent themselves into the fray to defend the citizens of Remnant from this darkness- but all hunters and huntresses must start somewhere. Which is where we begin, in a prestigious school for hunters and huntresses called Beacon Academy, located in the kingdom of Vale, where future protectors of Remnant who have decided to fight back against the darkness are trained in their craft. Good luck in your struggles! [br]This is a RWBY roleplay, based on the RWBY series, produced by Roosterteeth. [br]This is chat accepts both Canon characters as well as OCs are welcome here. Please read the rules before you begin roleplaying. Ignorance will not be an accepted excuse. [br][url=] Rules [/url] [br][url=] OOC Room [/url] [br] [url=] Emerald Forest[/url] [br] [url=]NSFW Room[/url] [br][url=]Taken character list[/url] [Note]: All characters not marked as taken are available.

    Users: 2

    Panfandom Apartments

    Welcome to the apartment building! Here, you live out your life, party, and interact with the other tenants! Rent? Who needs it! Your apartment is complimentary, and filled with the basic things such as a kitchen, bathroom, a bedroom, and a living room! Additional bedrooms and bathrooms can be requested. Newcomers start in the lobby, where you will get your new apartment![br]Now, there are some rules to the apartment! 1. Anyone is welcome! OCs and canons, but we do prefer OCs! 2. No godmodding, power-playing, or Mary-Sues! If your character does this, you will be warned, but if you persist, you will be kicked. 3. No triggering things, such as sexual assualt, rape, gore, suicide, etc. are allowed. If there is please put it under a spoiler. 4. Canons, interacting with people from your own fandom is fine, but please interact with other people as well! 5. No NSFW. Take sex to another room.[br][url=]OOC Chat[/url][br][url=]Setting(Read this!)[/url][br]Mods are: Mel(Yue)

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    as above so below

    [u]Welcome to [br]As Above, So Below![/u][br] In this chat, the choice will be yours to fight on earth among the masses, command and watch from heaven, or bide your time in hell. This is an oc chat, so choose your side: Angel, Demon, Human or Hunter, but make sure the numbers stay pretty even. No being a dick, try to keep the ooc talk to a minimum once the RP gets underway, paragraph style, and have fun![br][url=]OOC Chat[/url][br][url=]NSFW Chat[/url]

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    Welcome to OCPartyTime, a place, as the name suggests, for OCs to party. All OCs are welcome, as long as they are of a reasonable age, and speak english. (or provide a translation for the muns) The setting, is a hive within a dream-bubble, owned by a troll named Sammie. Folks generally hang out in the living room, but at times people will head off to other areas of the home, or even explore outside. (If you're joining and not sure where the action's at? Ask.) No Force shipping, or forcing violence. Consent is mandatory, and you will recieve NO WARNINGS for any serious breach of this rule. As this room is marked NSFW, if you are not of age, or comfortable with mild nsfw content that may or may not happen... (strip games are a big thing here.) leave. Smut is to be kept to the [url=OCPartyTimeNSFW]NSFW Room[/url], and you MUST be of age. OOC is prefferably kept to a reasonable level, or the [url=OCPartyOOC]OOC Room[/url]. The main Mods are Britt {Sammie/Alys}, Crusis/Celest, and Nat {Jesi/Eliane/Loup} Enjoy your stay~!

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    A paradise of love, dreams, and healing, Platinum High is japan's biggest top-class education facility. At least, that's what it says on the sign. In actuality it's just your typical fancy highschool filled with horny teenagers and angst. Rules: Choose a rank of sorts, like jock, nerd, band geek, cheerleader, etc etc etc and have fun! Respect the mods. No rude behavior or spamming of any sort will be tolerated. DMMd characters only, OC's are not preferred but allowed if made well. NSFW is allowed, but please make sure it's not making another rper uncomfortable. To be unsilenced, pick a DMMD character that is not already taken. Toue has a set role so ask before you you start playing him. If you don't return in 5-7 days without a legit reason, you will be removed from the list to keep things moving. Taken characters: Alpha, Aoba, Beni, Berta, Clear, Hersha, BE!Koujaku, Koujaku, Mink, Mizuki, Noiz, Ren, Sei, Shiroba, Theo, Virus

    Users: 1

    Kibougamine Highschool

    [color=#4655fa]Welcome to Kibougamine High School, a school for those with special talents that we call Superduper High School Level (SHSL) Talents. Everyone here have one, except the reserved students and some of the teachers. We are here to bring [u][i]Hope[/i][/u] to these students with their talents there's like no others.[/color] [color=pink]Becareful around the [u][i]Ultimate Despair People[/i][/u].[/color][br]Rules:[br]1) You can be any DR OCs or canons or AUs, no double.[br]2) Don't be a dick OOC.[br]3) Please set up your name like this "Name (Talent/what you are) [Gender/Age]"[br]4) Respect the mods and the other rpers.[br]5)No killing, but gore is okay.[br][url=]OOC room[/url][br][url=]Smut room[/url][br][url=]Canon Characters[/url][br][url=]OC sheet[/url][br][url=]Submit your OC here[/url][br][url=]AU submit[/url][br][url=]AU characters[/url][br]Main mod "Hideki Himayara" A.K.A. Mr.Dragon.

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    [url=]Read the Rules[/url][br][url=]OOC[/url]

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    The Labriynthian

    Welcome to the Labyrinth, a whole new dimension waiting to be explored! If you're here, that means you've been saved due to your special talents/attributes, so congratulations! However, you don't have any idea on how you got here, much less who put you here in the first place. Run by a powerful being that saves the lives of those who are special, the Labyrinth is a special dimension where those with special gifts reside. When you first arrive, you start off in one of the few safe rooms in the Labyrinth. To start you off, you'll get a few hints on how to leave the Labyrinth.[br]-----[br]RULES:[br]-No godmodding. Bosses, such as "The Corruptor [Sarah]" has some arm room to do so, but if they are being unfair at any time, you can tell them to stop.[br]-Absolutely no smut, although gore is allowed. But if you really wanna do any smuts, then take it [url=]here[/url]. Fighting and killing is also allowed as long as you have the permission by the other character's mun.[br]-No doubles. Genderbent characters are fine, but that's about it.[br]-OOC room [url=]here[/url].[br]-----[br]Auto-silence is always on. The main mods are "cabinboy1031 [Ian]", "Ariana Knight [Mage of Rage] [ari]", and "Mr.Dragon [Mr.D]".

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    [url=]LINKS AND RULES[/url] [br]

    Users: 1

    Welcome to Hell

    Rules: No spamming, being a douche to people, tell people who you are or else you'll be kicked, you have to have a character, don't do anything inappropriate unless the other RPers are ok with it, no Gmodding, and have fun. If you don't follow the rules, Freddy Fazbear will stuff an endoskeleton up your ass Setting- Hell (duh) in a apartment. Bring all them beautiful demon/angel/human OCs. NSFW Room- ______ OOC chat-".

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    This is it, the Hollapalooza. I welcome you nerds, you weaboos, you fellow roleplayers to the ultimate multifandom chat! We're not like the regular chats, we're a cool chat. The most important thing to remember is to hav fun, but I must request you read over the rules, first! [br][url=]RULES[/url] [br][url=]NSFW[/url] [br][url=]OOC[/url] [br][color=#b0000]CURRENT AU: High School

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    Set on a relatively inhabitable forest planet, the basic 'plot' of the chat is that you are forced to make a quick landing after an unfortunate case of mysterious plot shit caused the engines, navigation, and general components of your ship to fail. Basically, you're stuck on a planet. Never fear, though! There seems to be more than just you on the place. Tons of other crashed ships, too. Perhaps with some effort, you can patch up a ship, and fly back to civilization! [br] Now, for the rules! [br] Firstly, NSFW is fine. But please, be considering of your fellow RPers, and move it to another chat if it's clogging the place up. Secondly, don't you dare do any godmoddish activities. That'll earn you a silencing. Thirdly, on the topic of characters, really, i'd prefer OCs, but if you can change a canon character from something else into a Starbound-esque thing, go for it!

    Users: 1

    Brothel of Legends

    LEAGUE OF LEGENDS ONLY - This chatroom pertains to exactly what it sounds like it pertains to: sex in the LoL Universe! RULES: 1. Dont be a douchebag in the OOC. Kinkshaming and shit of that manner is forbidden. 2. Any character is permitted. Literally any character. 3. No doubles unless there is a defining characteristic (Herm and Fem, Skin Difference, etc.). 4. Have fun! This isnt a place of negativity at all so feel free to converse and discuss pairings and kinks! MODS - Chris. SIDE NOTE - Despite the chat room's name, this is not a brothel. Just a place for sex. Also, there will be no OOC room. It uses too much space and is difficult to manage from a phone. ANOTHER SIDE NOTE - Modifications are allowed! Anything is permitted. MOD APPLICATIONS - BROTHEL TRIBUNAL - SFW SISTER CHAT -

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    This takes place on a diffrent planet, where the government keeps their citzens on a leash. when you are born you are given a animal mask, the animal you get will choose how you live and what you will do with life. Your name is your number. You are never to take this mask off, unless it is to your love. You wear the same clothes everyone else does. creativity is taken away from everyone. People are divided to two places, the rich and the poor. The rich can get away with murder while the poor cannot. ((NO GOD MODDING, OCs only (for now), no insta kills. There can also be double animals.)) [url=] OOC [/url]

    Users: 1

    Just Another Multifandom

    [color=#6a006a]Welcome to the vibrant and lively city of Arial, ladies, gentlemen, and everything otherwise or in-between![/color][br][u]LINKS[/u][br][url=]RULES/INFORMATION[/url][br][url=]NSFW[/url][br][url=]OOC[/url][br][url=]BACKUP CHAT[/url]

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    Welcome to Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria! We have everything from pizza, drinks, and a wonderful cast of mechanical entertainers![br] Rules are simple.[br] All fandoms are allowed, but we would like more FNAF stuff to keep the theme of the chat.[br] Keep everything [u]safe for work[/u].[br] Remember: [color=#FF0000]Death for your muse [i]is a possibility[/i], BUT ONLY WITH CONSENT[/color]. So, ASK before killing.[br] Put graphic stuff in [spoiler] and tag it.[br] NO GOD-MODDING.[br] DO NOT BE RUDE OOC.[br] Don't crowd the Security Office at night.[br] ==> [url=]MAP[/url] <==[br] ==> [url=]Ramble Room[/url] <==[br] ==> [url=]Yiff Room[/url] <==[br] RESERVED: Human!Freddy, Human!Chica(it may be normal Chica, I can't remember), Jeremy[br] (\(ovo)/)[br] Are you looking for a chat where you can be an FNAF character without people saying you can't be the 'spooky robots'? Well, come on in with all of your OCs and canon characters![br] [sub]Batteries not included.[/sub]

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    before we won the war against the kaijus, we had an army of jaegers. We struggled, but we won....wheEZE: this is a pacific rim chat! Of course, it's before the whole "OMG we blew up the breach" Shit. Your part of the jaeger army! Go find yourself a copilot, or be a kaiju! Have fun ya nerds. RULES: ocs only, no insta kills, no god modding, and if your gonna do the diddly-doo, do it in another chat please!

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    Charat Alpha 3.0

    As of December 8, 2013


    -The top bar has been added.

    -The top bar contains OOC toggler, Settings and User List buttons and the amount of messages you have missed when you are scrolled up. You can click the #! to go back down to the bottom of the messages.

    -Desktop Notifications.

    -Important Notifications such as the tags you have in common with another user cannot be hidden.

    -Character Importing: You can go into Saved Characters on the front page and grab the Character Code, then enter it into the front page to import that saved character.

    -Character Database: The character database for characters has grown. It includes most Homestuck characters.

    -Exclude Tags: You can put a "-" in front of a tag to exclude that tag from your search. You will not be connected to anyone with that tag.

    -Tag List: Tags that are being searched are shown on the front page under Users Online.

    -After Disconnecting with a random chat, you can click Chat With a New Person to chat with a new random person.

    -Public and Private Chats: You can now set a Group to Private or Public. Setting your group to public will include it on the Group Chats Public Groups list.

    -Admin Passwords: When creating a group, you set an Admin Password, which you use to regain Proffessional Wet Blanket status in Settings on your chat.

    Charat Alpha 2.0

    As of October 4, 2013


    -The most notable feature that has been implemented for Charat 2.0 is CHARACTER SAVING. Currently, the editing of characters can only be done on the Front Page. Here is how to manage your characters:

    1. On the Front Page chat settings, you input the character you'd like to save into the character details as if you were going to go into a random chat.

    2. Once you are done, you click Save Character and the page will reload.

    3. The Saved Characters drop-down list on the Front Page and the Settings in chat will have a list of all of the characters you have saved. If you select one, it will dump their character details into your character details. Note that the settings will only save if you select Save.

    4. If you go to the Saved Characters tab on the Front Page, it'll show a list of all of the characters you saved. You can select [be] to dump their settings into your character details. Don't forget to save.

    5. You can also delete characters in the Saved Characters tab only. Select [delete] to delete the character and the page will reload.

    -Previews have been reimplemented. They show up automatically if you have Typing Patterns and will hide themselves if you do not. You can toggle the preview in the settings.

    -A Continue Chatting button has been implemented. It will show after clicking the disconnect button on When clicked, it will restart your search for a new person to chat with.

    -Out of Character and In-Character commands and settings have been restructured. Simply typing "/ooc" or "/ic" will change the chat settings to Out of Character or In-Character, respectively. Typing in either command with extra text afterwards will result in the message being parsed in the way that it is intended, parentheses for /ooc and no parentheses for /ic, but will not change the settings of the chat.

    -Persistant variables: More objects are stored in localStorage. Such as OOC options and Topic hiding. The most significant change is that all of the variables are now chat independent, meaning that when you change the variable on one chat, another chat you have already visited (after this update) will not change that the settings for that chat ie: System Notifications, Disconnect Warning.

    -The quotes on the front page are now random.

    -Chats Window Titles will now show the Chat Group Name.

    -Bugfix: Disconnecting with the Disconnect button now brings you all the way to the bottom of the page.

    -Bugfix: Disconnect Warnings now display the correct check box setting.

    -Bugfix: Currently, with the crashing of chats, I have reduced the amount of messages that each chat will show.

    Charat Alpha 1.2

    As of September 27, 2013


    -Acronyms are now shown on the User List.

    -The Front Page has been updated to look nicer and provide more functions.

    -Typing Patterns have been reimplemented for those that need them.-The command /me puts dashes around your text to signify character actions.

    -There is now Out Of Character settings. If you have it checked, your text will be surrounded by parentheses to signify Out Of Character chat. You can turn it on and off with /ooc and /ic commands.

    -You can now use /me commands to signify character actions. This will work in conjunction with /ooc and /ic if you do this: /ooc/me or /ic/me.-You can now save Group Chat logs manually.

    -New Message notifications are now tuned so that it will display in numbers instead of saying "New Message." It will instead say: "# New Messages - Charat (Alpha)."

    -Bugfix: Long chat messages no longer stop your browser from scrolling down.

    -Bugfix: System Notification Hiding work how they are supposed to. If you don't have cookies or if your cookies have been eaten for Charat, System Notifications will no longer be automatically turned off.

    -Bugfix: If you have Hide System Notifications turned on, you will not receive a New Message notification.

    Charat Alpha 1.1

    As of September 14, 2013


    -NSFW and SFW options are now reimplemented. Use them wisely.

    -Text input is now the color of your character.

    -You can now hide the topic.

    -Checkbox options for Confirm Window Close and Hide System Notifications. Note that this hides Disconnect notices, Timeout notices, Join notices, Topic change notices and Admin Promotion notices.

    -You can now Block another user the same way you can highlight them. Click the character you would like to block, and select block. This is not an admin feature and will only hide the user for you until you unblock them or refresh.

    New Upcoming Features:

    -BBCode style implementation of styling your chat. (planned)

    -Character Saving/Character History. (planned)

    -Tag Set Saving/Tag Set history. (planned)

    -Updated front page. (planned)

    -Facebook and Twitter sharing options. (planned)

    -Log saver/editor. (being discussed)

    Charat Alpha 1.1

    As of September 7, 2013


    -Tagging is implemented.

    -Homestuck specific features have been stripped.

    Planned Features

    -Updated front page. (implemented)

    -Tagging to search for people that have similar interests to you. (implemented)

    -BBCode style implementation of styling your chat. (planned)

    -Character Saving/Character History. (planned)

    -Tag Set Saving/Tag Set history. (planned)

    -Facebook and Twitter sharing options. (planned)

    -Log saver/editor. (planned)

    -Auto-linking, clickable links in-chat (planned)

    -Desktop notifications (planned)

    -Group Chat API, the ability to create a group chat that you can connect to using AJAX as well as iframes and CSS editing. (planned)

    -Chara, the help fairy (planned)

    -Character Attributes, asynchronous tagging that allows people to search things about your character, but you don't search for. (planned)

    -A method to report users that abuse the chat client or other users. (planned)

    -An iOS and Android app. (planned)

    -A desktop program. (planned)

    -Strict and Loose tagging, tagging things that you absolutely need to connect with someone along with regular tags that the other person only needs one of, or just your strict tag. (being discussed)

    -Blacklisting tags, if someone has a tag that you have blacklisted, you won't connect to them. (being discussed)

    -Fandom tags. (being discussed)

    -A distinct site for NSFW content and SFW content. (being discussed)

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