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Tags being searched: *httyd, *im super sorry to the astrid who connected i fell asleep, *ruffnut looking for any httyd character !!, animal crossing- female villager looking for any male animal, dead or alive - honoka, doa, dr - hi there! makoto here looking for a kyouko for naegiri! cute detective dorks tbh, fate/series oc, fate/series oc master looking for another master canon or oc(if oc please have ref), fate/type-moon oc, fe, fe:a, fea, fire emblem, fire emblem awakening, fire emblem: awakening, haikyuu, haikyuu!!, hq, i'm robin!, i'm suga!, im shinji, jjba- i'm doppio!, jjba- vento aureo, kawoshin, looking for a kaworu, male oc looking for footjobs/shoejobs from female canons or ocs, marvel, marvel comics, marvel- ultron, neon genesis evangelion, nge, no.6, no.6 - i'll match you!, ons, ons- looking for mikayuu! i'll match you., owari no seraph, pearl looking for a rose quartz for shipping, pokemon male oc x any canon female (will accept oc but please have ref), ryu looking for female street fighters, seraph of the end, sote, street fighter, teen!steven looking for smut with garnet or amethyst!, tf2 - i'm red sniper lets party (i'm good for nsfw just clarify beforehand), ultron, ultron- amnesia and falling from the sky
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    Panfandom Hotel

    Rules:[br]1.Be any character from any fandom that you want! OCs are allowed! One Double per character, but they must be different(AU or a Genderbent). As long as your character is not a full animal. Half-animal people are still okay, though.[br]2. Don't be a Mary-Sue or OP character.[br]3. Keep OOC to a minimum. We have an OOC chat. Use it.[br]4. Be respectful to everyone, but especially the mods![br]5. Spoiler triggering content.[br]6. Take NSFW somewhere else. Gore and sex are not allowed in the main chat.[br]7. Pick a character to be unsilenced.[br][url=]Rules and Settings[/url][br][url=]OOC[/url][br][url=]Theme Song![/url]

    Users: 13

    Fandoms The Musical

    This is Fandoms the Musical, a multifandom chat where you can be whoever you want. Like, seriously, you can play as anyone.[br] The rules are fairly simple. Don't be rude, try to be mindful of triggers, and don't godmod.[br] Different AU's can be set if things get too boring. (that is to say, we change it whenever we feel like it)[br] [color=#ad9615]For now, the AU is: Beach Resort[br] [color=blue]You are at the Twin Palms Resort. You either live here or are staying in a hotel, enjoying the beach this city has. The beach itself has many things to do besides swim in the crystal clear southern waters. The board walk carnival is in town! Games, music, and rides are there for you too take part in. Different restaurants line the streets, along with shops of all kinds. So when you're feeling up to it go have a dip in the salty waters or enjoy a nice meal with a view![/color][br] [url=]this chat's general opinion of OOC rooms.[/url]

    Users: 11

    Mutant Misfits

    Welcome to Mifits Academy- a home for those who have been deemed 'unacceptable' by societal standards! [br] THIS IS A SCHOOL FOR THOSE WITH EITHER POWERS/MUTATIONS [br] Feel free to enjoy your stay at the boarding school, just follow the rules. [br] - OCS ONLY [br] - Try not to double up on powers. [br] - If you wish to be 'not entirely human' please have a legitimate reason they are the way they are. Don't just say 'because I want a girl with fox ears' or a boy with wings. Come up with some backstory, please. [br]- Please keep NSFW (smut and gore) to another side chat. [br]- Fighting is allowed and expected, however death is not. [br] - Do NOT be rude OOC. Respect mods and normal users alike! [br] [url=] Characters![/url] [br] [br] Enjoy your stay at the Academy of Misfits.

    Users: 10

    New Leaf

    This is a NSFW chat. [br] Refs are allowed, but not required.[br] Rules are [url=]here[/url] [br] Note: Isabelle is serving as the mayor of this town. Town name is 'Hydrangea' due to the Beautiful Town Ordinance. [br] CURRENT WEATHER : Snowing

    Users: 8


    [color=RED]This chat is a RWBYverse chat set in canon timeline. Canons and OCs welcome. Pretty self explanatory.[/color] [color=BLUE]Utilize the Help Desk. Consult it before asking questions.[/color] [br]|| Before joining this chat, PLEASE READ THE RULES at [br]|| Need help? [br]|| NSFW: [br]|| OOC: [br]|| Emerald Forest: [br] [color=BLUE]ANNOUNCMENT: The dance will begin on the evening of the 25th (Tuesday 8 PM EDT) and last until the 28th.[/color]

    Users: 8

    Super Smash Mansion-002

    Welcome to the Super Smash Mansion, provided to all Smashers in their off time by Master Hand himself. It has everything they'd want from a kitchen, lounge, fitness studio, and backyard training area, as well as rooms and accommodations for ever Smasher! Standard rules apply, be respectful, courteous, and do listen to the mods, and have fun. Limit two characters per person. [url=]OOC Chat[/url]|[url=]NSFW[/url]|[url=]Reserves[/url]

    Users: 8


    Welcome to Kibougamine Academy! This prestigious high-school, smack-dab in the center of a very expensive, luxurious campus, only accepts those who are the best of their class. Students from all walks of life are accepted, so long as you are an Ultimate. [br] Of course, for those with... Less skilled capabilities, but cash to burn, there IS the reserve course... [br] Of course, there have been rumors of some veeeeeery strange sounding happenings in the school, isn't there? Not to mention, those strange transfer students... [br] Basically, this is a Persona Dangan Ronpa crossover chat. [br] [url=]OOC ROOM[/url] [br] [url=]NSFW ROOM[/url] [br] [url=]RULES AND RESERVES[/url] [br]

    Users: 7


    Welcome to FurrySmut! [br] [color=#ff0000]This is a chat for anthro furry OCs or faceclaims.[/color] [br] Main setting: Hotel de Faux, with areas in the surrounding town, too; [url=]more info here[/url]. Each character can get their own suite when they first join. [br] [u]Dem Rules[/u]: [br] 1) Please format your name like the example shown: [br] [Husky] [Female] [Bi] [br] For convenience. Thanks! [br] 2) Spamming, harassing, bringing in drama from other chats, blatantly ignoring the mods, kink shaming, and forcing situations will have very little tolerance. [br] 3) A ref pic is by no means necessary. Ask someone for help finding one if you need to! [br] 4) Kev is the chief mod, whose word is 98% law. :l Heed the word of any mod. [br] 5) [url=]Meme[/url] responsibly. [br] 6) If anyone in the room is uncomfortable with a certain kink being performed at the time, please [url=]move it to here[/url] until thats over. This does not apply to reasonable bodytypes. [br] 7) Make use of [url=]the OOC chat[/url], especially for links not related to RP. [br] Tasha says: Direct any questions to anyone here and enjoy your stay!

    Users: 5


    ( think of a mix between a daycare and a safari zone) This is a NSFW chat. Refs are allowed. Rules are (READ THEM) - This is a script / semipara chat, No Drama, Respect the admins, No forcing, no using type (dis)advantages to force, no fucking with the weather, no destroying planets, no killing or godmodding, no overly lengthy prompts (If you absolutely have to, let us know), no loitering/spying (that's just creepy), no abusing statuses, and use common sense. We follow game canon, including size, abilities, habits, genders (male or female.), and pokedex entries. Ages for humans would range from child to young adult. So obviously, no preschoolers or creepy old men. No really burly bodybuilders either - sorry. Ask about legendaries. Mega evolutions and herms are for those who have been in the chat for at least a week. And yes, proper pokemon colors are a thing. Please give suggestions for rules whenever neccecary. CURRENT WEATHER : Autumn (jacket weather)

    Users: 4


    Welcome Students, Congratulations on being accepted to the prestigious Sigma Academy for children born with Supernatural Powers and Abilities. Here at Sigma we expect nothing but the best from our students as they learn their culture, the arts, academics, and most importantly to control their powers. Upon arrival you must fill out a form so you can be sorted into one of the four houses on campus... [url=]Keep Reading on our Tumblr Blog[/url]

    Users: 4

    JoJos Bizarre Adventure

    Y'all trapped some place in Cairo. Have fun with that. You can reserve 2 chars, which can be revoked if abused. With permission you can have chars from other series. [url=] RESERVES [/url]

    Users: 4


    Despite Titans being outposted across the world, they're still allowed to come back to Titans Tower whenever they have need, so that's what's happening now! This is prettymuch a chat based on both the show Teen Titans (no animated Teen Titans Go! please, I'll cry), and the comics based off that, by name of Teen Titans Go! too. Generic rules apply, like no godmodding, no being a dick ooc, no making people uncomfortable. Also, no OCs without mod approval and no characters that haven't actually appeared in the show or comics please! It makes things easier. If you want to ask about chracters that are related to them but haven't been incuded, just ask and a mod can talk it out with you! [br][url=]OOC Room for clutter![/url] [br]Have a great time!

    Users: 3

    Multifandom Daycare 2pointoh

    [color=#26ad27]Welcome back mothatruckas. [br][i][/i][br] [color=#7D26CD]This is a multifandom daycare AU! Be an adult or a child. [br]Rules: [br][color=#fc1501]NO NSFW IN THE MAIN CHAT. NONE. THERE ARE CHILDREN HERE. [br][color=#f2473f]No excessive violence. I mean, sure, sometimes kids are gonna get into a bit of a scuffle. But no excessive violence (i.e. stabbing, shooting, etc) [br][color#008b8b]Be nice. Try to not swear in RP, but feel free to cuss your hearts in OOC. [br][color=#8fdbdb]OC's are allowed. [br][color=#308014]If there are no caretakers, use common sense and be a caretaker, anons. We have a fight counter because of people not being caretakers lmao [br][color=#ff0000][i]I WILL NOT MAKE AN OOC ROOM. THEY ARE [u]USELESS[/u]. DO NOT ASK ME TO MAKE ONE. [/i][br]Every time a day passes IRL, a day passes in the daycare. [br][i][/i][br] And thats it, kiddos! Remember to have fun![br]Fights: 2 [br][i][/i][br] [color=#26ad27]This is a SAFE SPACE FOR ALL. The past is in the past. If you want to harass a member of this chat, you take it up with the trigender trash heap so I can ban your ass. 8)[br]Today is [color=#ff0000]A[/color][color=#ff4000]d[/color][color=#ff7f00]m[/color][color=#ffbf00]i[/color][color=#ffff00]n[/color] [color=#00ff00]T[/color][color=#00ff80]r[/color][color=#00ffff]a[/color][color=#0080ff]s[/color][color=#0000ff]h[/color]'s birthday.

    Users: 3


    A panfandom chat that takes place in a big mansion on a hill in a pretty little village. [br] [br]Rules:[br] 1) Tag triggers under a spoiler tag. Tag #eyegore of any kind for Greeniemod. (This includes nsfw links) [br]2) OOC drama gets moved to the OOC chat (link below). [br]3) Don't do anything overly drastic or destructive without the permission of everyone that it will affect. [br]4) Really just don't be garbage and all that. [br]5) Not really a rule, but if you're a regular, it would be helpful if you'd put your mun alias or whatever it is you'd like to be called ooc in parenthesis in your character description so everyone can know who you are. [br] [br] If autosilence is on, pick a character to be unsilenced.[br][br][url=]OOC[/url][br][url=]NSFW[/url]

    Users: 3


    [i][u][color=#503d3f]Hello, and welcome to the small, humble town known as Wispy Willows. It is out pleasure to have you visit![/color][/u][/i][br][color=#615756]This is an OC Furry/Anthro chat [u]ONLY.[/u] [u]No[/u] canon characters of any sort of media, and [u]no[/u] canon races nor species from any type of media as well.[/color][br][color=#539987]This is a College town, there the large and increasingly popular college of Willow University is located, drawing in graduating highschoolers and people of all sorts of ages and backgrounds to the town, be it for school, or just for a nice living place.[/color][br][color=#539987]Please style your name as the following:[br][color=#503d3f] [Gender/Age] [Name] [Species][/color][br][url=][color=#4DFFF3]--{Rules}--[/color][/url][br][url=][color=#52FFB8]--{Characters}--[/color][/url][br][url=][color=#539987]--{OOC}--[/color][/url][br][url=][color=#615756]--{NSFWE}--[/color][/url]

    Users: 3


    WEEEE'RE BACK, BITCHES! The monsters, with their infectious nature, slowly take over society. What were once great cities have been reduced to demonic realms filled with blood thirsty or sex crazed monsters. Great civilizations war over whether to kill or coexist with the monsters, as the monsters themselves try to blend in to society, or overtake it. You are a resident of a reigion known as Vaile, which formerly was antimonster, But thanks to a ragtag group of "Equalists", the city became a home to both species. You live in the area as either an antimonster rebel, stuck in their ways and who will not rest until the monsters burn, An Equalist who aided in taking the city, A neutral villager, who cares not of the beasts, or a Monster, cursed with the power of a Demon Lord. ((With that out of the way, I should say its Multifandom, Monster/Humanstuck, nsfw, and based on [url=] Monster Girl Encyclopedia. [/url]A word of warning: Rape is fully allowed, with OOC consent. Please, please no godmodding or etc. OOC:

    Users: 3

    MulticreautureHighschool V2


    Users: 3


    Yar har har! Welcome to a pirate chat, here on charat! [br] Welcome boys, girls, and everything in-between to the legendary ocean of Pangeota, a continent splattered with islands, and vast open ocean, this, is where our adventure takes place. [br]There are four types of pirates and a plethora of citizen types. The types for pirates are captain, co captain, crew member, and servant. As for citizens, you can be a doctor, shop keeper, bar owner dentist, etc.[br][u]RULES[/u][br]1. Pirate captains are reserved for the mods, sorry guys! [br]2. Lets try and be nice to each other in the ooc shall we?[br]3. Try not to let your character be over the top OP, if possible. [br] 4. Sorry guys, but we have decided against mythical creatures. Only humans![br] 5. Just have fun, its an rp. Thats what we are here to do, right?[br][url=]OOC[/url][br][url=]NSFW[/url]

    Users: 3

    Mother 1 2 and 3

    Welcome to the world of [color=#ff0000]Mother[/color], er, Earthbound/[color=#ff0000]Mother 2[/color], eh, [color=#ff0000]Mother 3[/color]!? Y'know, the games the character in Super Smash Bros. with the red hat and the eerie abyss in his eyes that says "okay" in the most lifeless manner as well as the blonde version of him? Lucky you this is also multifandom, not strictly Mother 1+2+3 characters (I'd appreciate there being more Mother 1+2+3 characters than not). [br] Don't know any of the video games I just said? You're just in luck! Here's a [url=]Google[/url] [url=]search[/url] for you. [br] [url=] OOC chat which probably won't be touched.[/url] [br] [url=] NSFW[/url], just in case. [br] [url=] Character list[/url] (use it if you're staying a while) [br] Setting is: Tazmilly Village (the setting can change if anyone would like).

    Users: 2


    Welcome to the remodeled Stark Tower, now the Avengers HQ. We have some [url=]RULES[/url] for you to abide by, so respect those rules and read them.[br]This is a list of the NSFW rooms so if there is 6 couples getting it on, they have their own rooms.[br][url=]Stark's Room[/url][br][url=]Banner's Room[/url][br][url=]Roger's Room[/url][br][url=]Barton's Room[/url][br][url=]Romanoff's Room[/url][br][url=]Thor's Room[/url][br] There is also an [url=]OOC room[/url], so don't flood the chat with your random bung-hole nerdiness.[br]There is also a []Back-Up Chat[/url] on parp.[br]We hope you all have a great time!!! Dear 'Meme Lord. STAY THE FUCK OUT.

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    The Labriynthian V3

    Welcome to the Labyrinth, a whole new dimension waiting to be explored! If you're here, that means you've been saved due to your special talents/attributes, so congratulations! However, you don't have any idea on how you got here, much less who put you here in the first place. Run by a powerful being that saves the lives of those who are special, the Labyrinth is a special dimension where those with special gifts reside. When you first arrive, you start off in one of the few safe rooms in the Labyrinth. To start you off, you'll get a few hints on how to leave the Labyrinth.[br]-----[br]RULES:[br]-No godmodding. Bosses, such as "The Corruptor [Sarah]" has some arm room to do so, but if they are being unfair at any time, you can tell them to stop.[br]-Absolutely no smut, although gore is allowed. But if you really wanna do any smuts, then take it [url=]here [/url]. Fighting and killing is also allowed as long as you have the permission by the other character's mun.[br]-No doubles. Genderbent characters are fine, but that's about it.[br]-OOC room [url=]here[/url].[br]-----[br]Auto-silence is always on. The main mods are "cabinboy1031 [Ian]", "Ariana Knight [Mage of Rage] [ari]", and "Mr.Dragon [Mr.D]".

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    The Hunted

    [color=#CD4358]Welcome to The Hunted! In a world where demons run rampant, there are select groups of humans who choose to protect the ignorance and innocence of the rest of the human race. The timeless battle between the two species is worldwide, but the populous Manhattan, part of NYC, NY, USA is where this chat is centered. Take up reigns as either a slayer, pledged to defend the innocent from the fangs of demons or a demon of whatever sort trying to feed on the souls of human, both in an attempt to survive. Now is the time to truly find out- who is the hunter and who is the hunted? [/color] [color=#a52a2a][br][u][i]It is REQUIRED you read the rules and lore before beginning to roleplay in this chat.[/i][/u][/color] [br][url=]RULES[/url] [br][url=]LORE[/url] [br][url=]CHARACTER SHEET[/url] [br][url=]OOC[/url] [br][url=]NSFW[/url] [color=#f5785a][br]Have fun you bloodsuckas![/color]

    Users: 2


    [color=#ff7700][u]It's been 8 months...[/u] [/color] [br] [color=#60177d]8 months of hell on Earth and you've been caught right in all of the confusing bullshit it's created. It happened so quick, one moment one person becomes some violent asshole... next there's thousands of them... [/color] [br] [color=#cc0202] [u]The setting is 2023, Norway. 8 months into the apocalypse. [/u] [/color] [br] [u] Rules [/u] [br] 1. OC's only, humanise any non-human OC's. [br] 2. Para roleplay only. [br] 3. Minimum age is 15 years old. [br] 4. Please fill in the character sheet when you can and read up on the Virus. [br] 5. No insta-kills and mary-sues. Character Sheet [br] 6. TO be unsilenced, please go to the OOC. [br] [br] [url= ]Character Sheet [/url] [br] [url= ]OOC[/url] [br] [url=]Zombie Information[/url] [br] [url=]Norway[/url]

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    Gross, Gross! Kimoi, Kimoi! A chat just for people who have slightly different tastes in intimacy and the like. All fetishes and kinks are welcome here! Content warnings can be applied if someone wants them. Please listen to the other Roleplayers, and if they ask for something to be tagged or moved, be polite and do so. Communication is key. General roleplay rules apply, don't be rude if someone is uncomfortable, yadda yadda. SETTING: A kink-club. Welcoming to all types, with rooms in the back and upstairs for privacy. There will be shows and workers, occassionally. The club itself is pretty large. Setting is open to outside and the [url=KimoiCafe]restaurant / cafe next door.[/url][url=]Enjoy the background music.[/url][url=KimOOC]OOC Chat.[/url]

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    I took the original idea from a chat called Caged.[br] Welcome to a new race of humanity, in the making! Please refer to the starters guide before joining us in the roleplay! It is very important to read it all the way through, to get a good understanding of the chat.[br] [url=] Quick Starters Guide[/url] [br] [url=]OOC Room[/url] [br] [url=]NSFW room[/url] [br] [url=]Sheet to submit characters[/url] [br] [url=]Character Information Sheet[/url] [br] [url=]MAP OF ANTHROSHIRE[/url] [br] [url=]Shipping Wall [/url] [br] [url=] People gone too long [/url] [br]This chat is a SEMI-PARA rp chat.[br]Name Guidelines: [br]Animal name [Gender/Age] [Alias is character's first name]

    Users: 2

    Puzzle And Dragons

    This is a NSFW chat.[br] Please use semipara.[br] Setting - A reserve in which monsters can live peacefully without fear of being attacked.[br] Of course, there are plenty of luxuries for the creatures - including food, water, and even a semi-indoors area with a bunch of heated blankets and mattresses for those colder days! Rules are [url=]located here[/url] [br] [url=]Monster Book[/url] [br] CURRENT WEATHER : Chilly (Like on the borderline where it would be comfortable for hairy/furred creatures)

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    [color=#E00707][url=]YOU ARE HERE[/url][br] look yo rules: [br] 1 this is a strider house so if youre not a strider or a mod dont get fussy and start telling people what to do[br] 2 no fucking fighting in my house be nice to each other you shit birds or i will kick the fuck out of you [br] 3 canon kids only yo i have no idea what that means but you better do it or i will have to get ooc on your ass[br] 4 no whining[br] 5 if theres a game its always strip rules[br] 6 quality over ... shit anything please just know how to play your characters or we will talk to you about it[br] 7 no one can tell you who to ship with but you also this shit is not safe for work and you might walk in on someone maybe[br] 8 serket licks nads[br] 9 if you use the bathroom seriously go click on the side thing and rp what you did no shortcuts[br] 10 if you ARE going to bone try and take it down the hall theres[br] [url=]MY ROOM[/url] [br] [url=]THE BATHROOM[/url][br] and also[br] [url=]THE ROOF[/url][br] [br] if i tell you to use the [url=] [br] OOC room[/url] you should use the [url=] OOC room[/url]

    Users: 2

    Devouring Euphoria

    In the last five years, a new drug has been showing up that has some odd effects. The user is thrown into an uncontrollable rage, followed by a slow transformation into a strange and abstract art looking monster of random odds and ends. As the transformation progresses, the head will eventually detach from the body and float above the neck as it progresses. The drug can be administered in two ways, either through injection or by being bitten by someone who has taken a full dosage. Once the drug is taken, there is no going back, you will stay in your monstrous form, having completely lost your humanity, until the day you die. There are some hunters and drug dealers who take the half dose of the drug and only experience a few of the side effects in order to become stronger. Mutating themselves, causing various powers and disability in the process. Civilians do not know of the horrors plaguing them until it's too late. [br][url=]Rules/Plot/Prompt[/url][br][url=]Characters[/url]

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    Welcome Fellow fan I made this chat so we can rp this pretty old but classic show since the new season is coming I decided let's start this up right So heres the basic run down on the Chatroom

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    [i]This is a new generation, set after the war with Gaea.[/i][br][color=#a8cca4] Welcome to Camp Jupiter, where we have our 5 Cohorts and support Greeks.[br][color=#3b5998] This is a Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Heroes of Olympus chat! It's best if you have read the entire series to understand. Some BoO Spoilers[br] RULES:[br][color=#ff6666] 1) OC and Canon chat. Canon characters should be older.[br] 2) No doubles from Canon characters. Save it up on the sheet.[br] 3) OC's, please no ridiculous gods, you know where to stay away from, no mary sues. Any children of the big three need to be run by the mods.[br] 4) Paragraph style. Don't shitpost please. Proper Grammar + Syntax. No one liners or shitty starters please. Keep it at least 3+ lines, 5+ on mobile[br] 5) NSFW chat, move all smut and heavy gore to the NSFW.[br]6) Format is [u][STATUS] NAME (GOD)[/u][br] [color=#794044] Ask user 1 or 2 for any Q's and inquiries[br][url=]OOC[/url][br][url=]NSFW[/url][br][url=]CHARACTERS[/url]

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    [url=]Info here[/url]

    Users: 1


    [url=]Everything you need to know[/url]

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    Mystery Dungeons

    Welcome to Iridis, a town where explorers and travelers alike gather! [br] [br] [u]This is a GIJINKA chat[/u][br] Feel free to be any Gijinka, just follow the rules. [br] RULES::[br]1) Please refrain from having a legendary unless approved by a mod! [br]2) Please keep NSFW (smut and gore) in a side chat. [br]3) You may have a predetermined move sets of 4. [br]4) Paragraph Style! [br]5) Keep OOC comments kind, please!!! [br]6) You may be unaligned, on a team, a shop keeper, etc. [br]7) Fighting is allowed and anticipated. You may get a little bloody/in detail, but nothing too far with out being put in spoilers and tagged!

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    Battle Resort

    Multifandom and OC friendly Pokemon chat.[br] Please read the [url=]RULES[/url]. Setting is at the Battle Resort in the Hoenn Region.[br][url=]RESERVES[/url][br][url=]OOC Room[/url]

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    School Idols

    Let's descend into idol hell together. Setting is Otonokizaka Academy. You know the usual rules.

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    Welcome to the Velhaut Academy for Heirs to the Throne. Upon arrival at the academy, you will be required to fill out a form providing general information on your place of origin, appearance, and species. This school was established as a means to prepare those of royal blood to rule and uphold their kingdom's reputation. Though Velhaut has a Headmistress, she has never been seen. All issues should be taken up with the student council. You are welcome to apply as an educator or other staff member. Upcoming events will be posted on the school website by the student council. Student council is responsible for student living conditions and quality of life. Any requests should be directed towards the student council president via the [url=]school website[/url]. Requests will be reviewed by the council and addressed through the website should any action be necessary. In advance, I'd like to say that [url=]inapproriate affairs[/url] are frowned upon. With all of that out of the way, there's only one thing left to say. Good luck in your endeavors students. [url=]OOC[/url]

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    [br][color=#655643]{Current Season:[/color] [color=#BF4D28]Late Fall[/color][color=#655643]/[/color][color=#8AC7DE]Early Winter[/color][color=#655643]}[/color] [color=#F7114C][br]In a city catching public eye, lies a school far beyond help.[/color] [br][color=#F89307]The structure of the building is normal, average, boring--That is, for a private school. So, why has the school gained [i]any[/i] attention? The answer lies in the student body.[/color] [br][color=#0A94A6]Child upon child, classroom upon classroom, grade upon grade, they're all unique in the way that is shocking. There's almost no cliques, no groups of friends, it's a free for all. New students roll in every day, and students run to be transferred every daybreak.[/color] [br][color=#48313A]It's the system of big dog little dog, in such a huge building.[/color] [br][url=]// RULES & INFO HERE[/url] [br][url=]// EXTERIOR[/url] [br][url=]// DORMITORIES[/url] [br][url=]// OOC HERE[/url] [br][url=]// NSFW HERE[/url]

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    Welcome to Grand Line City! This is a One Piece AU chatroom, where the world is set up in the form of a city. Instead of five oceans, there are four residential sides to the city, as well as the "downtown" area. The New World is a club, with an underground fighting ring in the basement. This is mostly a modern AU, and Devil Injections are the latest invention by Vegapunk and Caesar. The main populace wouldn't know about them yet, and neither would most of the underworld itself. Please keep that in mind. OC's are absolutely allowed, as long as they don't contradict how the world works! [br] [url=]Character Guide (WIP) [/url]

    Users: 1

    Mushroom Kingdom Craziness

    Welcome to the mushroom kingdom.[br]This is a nsfw chat based in the mushroom kingdom, the thing is this is more along the lines of a porn parody of it, such as seen in minus8's work or something like those playshapes porn games. This is a chat likely involving public sex so just a warning, I won't really get into much detail because, really, this is just for fun.[br] Rules:[br]1: No hate/Kink shaming/ any real abuse ooc.[br]2:This is nsfw pretty much anything goes here so expect a lot of naughty busines.[br]3:OCs are fine as long as they're mario based.[br]4:Please take things along the lines of scat watersports and gore to another room, most other things are fine but for the majority that stuff is a bit too much to take.[br]5:Have fun, don't take stuff to seriously.

    Users: 1

    Charat Alpha 3.0

    As of December 8, 2013


    -The top bar has been added.

    -The top bar contains OOC toggler, Settings and User List buttons and the amount of messages you have missed when you are scrolled up. You can click the #! to go back down to the bottom of the messages.

    -Desktop Notifications.

    -Important Notifications such as the tags you have in common with another user cannot be hidden.

    -Character Importing: You can go into Saved Characters on the front page and grab the Character Code, then enter it into the front page to import that saved character.

    -Character Database: The character database for characters has grown. It includes most Homestuck characters.

    -Exclude Tags: You can put a "-" in front of a tag to exclude that tag from your search. You will not be connected to anyone with that tag.

    -Tag List: Tags that are being searched are shown on the front page under Users Online.

    -After Disconnecting with a random chat, you can click Chat With a New Person to chat with a new random person.

    -Public and Private Chats: You can now set a Group to Private or Public. Setting your group to public will include it on the Group Chats Public Groups list.

    -Admin Passwords: When creating a group, you set an Admin Password, which you use to regain Proffessional Wet Blanket status in Settings on your chat.

    Charat Alpha 2.0

    As of October 4, 2013


    -The most notable feature that has been implemented for Charat 2.0 is CHARACTER SAVING. Currently, the editing of characters can only be done on the Front Page. Here is how to manage your characters:

    1. On the Front Page chat settings, you input the character you'd like to save into the character details as if you were going to go into a random chat.

    2. Once you are done, you click Save Character and the page will reload.

    3. The Saved Characters drop-down list on the Front Page and the Settings in chat will have a list of all of the characters you have saved. If you select one, it will dump their character details into your character details. Note that the settings will only save if you select Save.

    4. If you go to the Saved Characters tab on the Front Page, it'll show a list of all of the characters you saved. You can select [be] to dump their settings into your character details. Don't forget to save.

    5. You can also delete characters in the Saved Characters tab only. Select [delete] to delete the character and the page will reload.

    -Previews have been reimplemented. They show up automatically if you have Typing Patterns and will hide themselves if you do not. You can toggle the preview in the settings.

    -A Continue Chatting button has been implemented. It will show after clicking the disconnect button on When clicked, it will restart your search for a new person to chat with.

    -Out of Character and In-Character commands and settings have been restructured. Simply typing "/ooc" or "/ic" will change the chat settings to Out of Character or In-Character, respectively. Typing in either command with extra text afterwards will result in the message being parsed in the way that it is intended, parentheses for /ooc and no parentheses for /ic, but will not change the settings of the chat.

    -Persistant variables: More objects are stored in localStorage. Such as OOC options and Topic hiding. The most significant change is that all of the variables are now chat independent, meaning that when you change the variable on one chat, another chat you have already visited (after this update) will not change that the settings for that chat ie: System Notifications, Disconnect Warning.

    -The quotes on the front page are now random.

    -Chats Window Titles will now show the Chat Group Name.

    -Bugfix: Disconnecting with the Disconnect button now brings you all the way to the bottom of the page.

    -Bugfix: Disconnect Warnings now display the correct check box setting.

    -Bugfix: Currently, with the crashing of chats, I have reduced the amount of messages that each chat will show.

    Charat Alpha 1.2

    As of September 27, 2013


    -Acronyms are now shown on the User List.

    -The Front Page has been updated to look nicer and provide more functions.

    -Typing Patterns have been reimplemented for those that need them.-The command /me puts dashes around your text to signify character actions.

    -There is now Out Of Character settings. If you have it checked, your text will be surrounded by parentheses to signify Out Of Character chat. You can turn it on and off with /ooc and /ic commands.

    -You can now use /me commands to signify character actions. This will work in conjunction with /ooc and /ic if you do this: /ooc/me or /ic/me.-You can now save Group Chat logs manually.

    -New Message notifications are now tuned so that it will display in numbers instead of saying "New Message." It will instead say: "# New Messages - Charat (Alpha)."

    -Bugfix: Long chat messages no longer stop your browser from scrolling down.

    -Bugfix: System Notification Hiding work how they are supposed to. If you don't have cookies or if your cookies have been eaten for Charat, System Notifications will no longer be automatically turned off.

    -Bugfix: If you have Hide System Notifications turned on, you will not receive a New Message notification.

    Charat Alpha 1.1

    As of September 14, 2013


    -NSFW and SFW options are now reimplemented. Use them wisely.

    -Text input is now the color of your character.

    -You can now hide the topic.

    -Checkbox options for Confirm Window Close and Hide System Notifications. Note that this hides Disconnect notices, Timeout notices, Join notices, Topic change notices and Admin Promotion notices.

    -You can now Block another user the same way you can highlight them. Click the character you would like to block, and select block. This is not an admin feature and will only hide the user for you until you unblock them or refresh.

    New Upcoming Features:

    -BBCode style implementation of styling your chat. (planned)

    -Character Saving/Character History. (planned)

    -Tag Set Saving/Tag Set history. (planned)

    -Updated front page. (planned)

    -Facebook and Twitter sharing options. (planned)

    -Log saver/editor. (being discussed)

    Charat Alpha 1.1

    As of September 7, 2013


    -Tagging is implemented.

    -Homestuck specific features have been stripped.

    Planned Features

    -Updated front page. (implemented)

    -Tagging to search for people that have similar interests to you. (implemented)

    -BBCode style implementation of styling your chat. (planned)

    -Character Saving/Character History. (planned)

    -Tag Set Saving/Tag Set history. (planned)

    -Facebook and Twitter sharing options. (planned)

    -Log saver/editor. (planned)

    -Auto-linking, clickable links in-chat (planned)

    -Desktop notifications (planned)

    -Group Chat API, the ability to create a group chat that you can connect to using AJAX as well as iframes and CSS editing. (planned)

    -Chara, the help fairy (planned)

    -Character Attributes, asynchronous tagging that allows people to search things about your character, but you don't search for. (planned)

    -A method to report users that abuse the chat client or other users. (planned)

    -An iOS and Android app. (planned)

    -A desktop program. (planned)

    -Strict and Loose tagging, tagging things that you absolutely need to connect with someone along with regular tags that the other person only needs one of, or just your strict tag. (being discussed)

    -Blacklisting tags, if someone has a tag that you have blacklisted, you won't connect to them. (being discussed)

    -Fandom tags. (being discussed)

    -A distinct site for NSFW content and SFW content. (being discussed)

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